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Value the Power of Nature

Derived from the ocean and harvested in fjords in an environmentally friendly way, wild brown algae are embedded in cellulose fibers using innovative technology to become SEACELL. The fibers, which contain abundant minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, allow the skin to benefit from the power of nature. They are thus good for both the skin and the environment. Processed as patented, environmentally friendly fibers, SEACELL can be used endlessly in a wide variety of textiles.

Your Way to Care

These fully biodegradable and compostable cellulose fibers, native to forests and derived from wood, are enriched with vital medical zinc oxide, and fully release their innovative technology in SMARTCEL fibers. The fibers provide UV sun protection, have an antibacterial effect, inhibit inflammation, and sit comfortably on the skin. Hygienic and durable, SMARTCEL textiles naturally revitalize a sense of well-being and maintain good health.

The Natural Way to Rebalance Our Planet

At SMARTFIBER, we combine innovative technology and natural raw materials to create high-quality and unique cellulose fibers. We enrich the fibers with valuable natural substances, thereby setting sustainable standards in the textile industry. For us, conservation is a key factor when it comes to quality, as oceans and forests provide us with the essential natural resources to our technology. We take care of them by acting in harmony with the environment.

Natural substances are obtained in a sustainable manner, processed using innovative technology, and can be recycled as fibers back into the ecosystem. Since our founding in 2005, we have been partners for sustainable and innovative fibers that can be used in a wide variety of textiles. SMARTFIBER creates fibers with unique qualities inspired by the environment and engineered by humans.


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