smartfiber AG

smartfiber AG: Natural fibers for the international textile market

Since 2005, our company smartfiber AG stands for nature-based lyocell fibers with various functionalities for the textile market.

What is special about our fiber technology? We have succeeded through a patented process to permanently incorporate natural additives, like zinc or seaweed, into cellulosic fibers, with positive effects on skin and body.

Our high-tech fibers under the internationally protected trademarks SeaCell™ LT, SeaCell™ MT and smartcel™ sensitive, are today the basis for innovative products in the textile and nonwovens industry.

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The smartfiber AG puts high emphasis on sustainable economic activity and on high environmental standards in the production process of the fibers.

The Lyocell process is in contrast to the Viscose or cotton process characterised by a modern standard of environmental friendliness, thanks to a closed solvent circuit. By the use of the lyocell process, cellulose is solubilised in a nitrogenous solvent and then brought into a fiber form. The advantage of this production process is that the production takes place in a closed circuit and that no chemicals must be disposed of as waste.